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1.What is SoPay project?
SoPay, similar to Alipay but for digital currency in the crypto space, is a platform with innovative financial technology and blockchain technology that empowers app developers to make digital currency payments. Product features as below
  1. Support all digital currencies
  2. 0 fee for consumers
  3. Arrive within 1 second
  4. Can complete technology integration in 6 days for developers and support digital currency payment
SoPay hope to serve companies that wish to innovate. Currently, Sopay has partnered with more than 40 core game development studios to develop application scenarios that can activate tens of millions of users.
2.Tell us more about the core SoPay team?

SoPay core team members are old friends who have known each other for more than ten years. The members all have more than ten years of Internet/Mobile Internet work experience and entrepreneurial experiences. They come together with the same goal and value.

More details about team members please refer to our website: https://sopay.org/team/

3.What’s SoPay project roadmap and current progress?
The SoPay project began in Q4 2017. The Q1 and Q2 plans in 2018 have been completed on schedule. NDA has been signed with several core partners to begin integration with SoAPI. Please see the overall plan for 2018: 2018 Q1
  • Alpha version
  • Product prototype design
  • System design
  • SoAPI interface design for developers
2018 Q2
  • Beta version
  • SoPay APP
  • ICO distribution facility
  • SOP incentive mechanism
  • Developer integration test
  • Introduce core application development partners
2018 Q3
  • v1.0 version
  • Release star apps
  • App container
  • Introduce hundreds of developers
  • Introduce thousands of members
  • Daily trading volume exceed $10,000
2018 Q4
  • v2.0 version
  • Currency/Asset transactions
  • Introduce 10 thousand developers
  • Introduce millions of members
  • Daily trading volume exceed $1M
  • Internal test the mobile phone witnesses
4.Who are SoPay’s Investors?
SoPay's key investors and consultants are: Da Kongyi, Chongge, and Liu Xiaoying, and Banyan Network (BBN). More details please refer to the white paper https://sopay.org.
5.Is there lock-up period for investors and teams?
SoPay is constantly looking for investors who believes in long-term values. Founding teams all have a strict lock-up period. Shareholders and founding team: Lock up for 12 months. Starting from the 13th month, complete releasing in 12 months (8.3% per month).
6.What is the SoPay’s contract address?
7.What‘s SoPay Token symbol?
SoPay Token symbol: SOP
8.How much is the total amount of SOP? What the current distribution status and the circulation value?

The max capacity of SOP is 4.5 billion. The distribution is as follows:

Foundation: 25%

Private Equity & Public Offering: 18%

Community: 40%

Team: 10%

Angel Investor & Consultant: 4%

Law & Finance: 3%

The max circulation is 18%, 0.81 billion, release in phases.After confirming the date that SOP landing on the first exchange, the SOP's liquidity details will be announced according to the lock-up rules.

9.SoPay provides payment services, why does it also have its own token SOP? How does the SOP circulate in the SoPay ecosystem and keep value preservation and increment?

SOP (SoPay Token) is a SoPay digital payment ecosystem token. In order to assure the ecological integrity and construct an ecological closed-loop, the SOP usage and consumption rules designed as follows:

  1. Fee: Our content partners need to pay 0.5% payment fee when they receive consumer’s payments.
  2. API invoking fee: the developers need to purchase the SOP to pay if they want to invoke the SoPay API to complete the digital payment.
  3. Margin: the content developers need to purchase 100,000 SOPs as collateral when he accesses the SoPay API to launch each content online.
  4. Additional Mechanism: based on financial rules and actual liquidity, additional 5% will be issued each year.

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