Kyle Lee, Founder

Parsons Strategic Design and Management EDP, graduated from Peking University, Guanghua Business Administration (USC Marshall Period), with 15 years of large communications, information security experience in Huawei. 5 years on BI, AI data Intelligent analysis and know much about data security solutions and keep more facing government and bank’s information and payment security solution. And also has extensive data security solution experience and thousands of eCommerce resources. Since 2015, he has been deeply involved in blockchain technology and industrial chain. He is awfully familiar with BitShares,EOS implementation mechanism, technical route and optimization solutions. As the EOS Value Investor, he has been holding EOS at an average price of less than 5 RMB.

TK, Chief Architect

He graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University, with Computer Master’s degree. He was one of the member of, Telecommunications Research Institute in Midea. He won the first prize of the National Computer Contest during high school. With 15 years R & D management experience in IT field; 10 years rich experience on security technology operating. In 2013, he started to study blockchain technology, smart contract, public chain, cross chain, and become security expert of exchange.

Chen Xiaotian, Chief Operating Officer

With thousands of game developers, millions of user’s distribution channel connections and community operations experience. He was worked as the director of development and operations center in GOME Smart Phone, program director of Nokia Experience Innovation Center, Senior Technical Manager of Nokia Developer Experience, Tencent and mobile internet startups. More than 10 years of gaming community, community development and eco-operational experience. During the period in Nokia, he successfully recruited and incubated more than 1,000 mobile Internet startups.

Tonny Xu, Head of Operations in Asia

Hi is in charge of operation and research. He is a Chinese-Japanese, IT mobile internet celebrities in Japan. He immigrated to Japan in 2007, mobile Internet development technology experts, well-known IT commentator. He has extensive contacts in technology and finance fields in Japan.

Andrew Hu, Chief Mobile Payments Officer

He is one of the designers and implementors of Ant Financial, Alipay core engine. He has a complete rich experience on mobile payment.

Liu Renxue

He is an Android OS hardware and software integration program and financial POS machine expert as well as the multimedia, compression and security algorithm expert.

Li Bin, Mobile Development Core Members

iOS / Android applications and the underlying technical experts. Ethereum, as well as EOS technical expert.